Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes poetry from long ago fits.  This one fits tonight.  You should hear me read it, with kleenex.

Life Gets in the Way*/**

If you want to know who I am,
You missed it.
I dreamt of being the best artist.
I dreamt of living with love.
I dreamt of loving as I lived.
I dreamt of sharing wisdom and wit.
I dreamt of exploring life with you.
There was supposed to be more laughter,
and fewer tears and mistakes.
There were moments on top of my game,
and some that were not.
If you had been there,
it would have been better.
I dreamt of it differently.

I never dreamt of alone.
You missed it.
There are the paintings and art
created along the way.
There are the words and ideas I saved.
I photographed it all, for you too.
There was so much to have had together,
But you missed it.
You have the remnants of dreams
to do with as you wish.
There are the memories left.
If you wanted to know who I am,
You missed it.
I loved you all along my life.

Maybe now you have time.

Robbin Neff
February 26, 2009

*Written from a very painful part of my heart. 
**This is not a moment about husband,and wife.  It is between those it pertains to and an artist.

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