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I am still trying to figure out how to make individual posts to individual pages.  Still not happening.  Here are some new drawing pics.

(date forgotten)

Pen and ink, colored pencil, graphite, charcoal, conte, and pastel are here for your viewing pleasure.  Please enjoy.  Should you wish to purchase, prices are incredibly fair, with funding secured.  I will happily ship your purchases to your location.  If looking is more to your enjoyment, look away.  Do I need to say all images on this website are copyrighted?  They are.  I shouldn't have to say so, but I have covered the bases. 

I cannot thank you enough that you came to visit and look it all over.  I want you to enjoy what you see, and come back again.  Comment.  Tell me what you like and do not like.  I love critiques.  They are opportunities for me and visiting artists to consider.  I am especially fond of knowing what you do not like.  It gives me pause for thought, to think about ways to improve my work.  We may not agree, but the discussions started will be friendly and interesting I am sure.


I don't know how to add individual posts to each page, so I will continually edit the original posting.  Dates will be posted as above, so that you can see where I am.  I have been drawing lots of interesting things.  There have been zentangle initials of family and friends.  If you don't know what a zentangle is, use your favorite search engine, and take a peak at this wonderfully fun was to doodle.  Some art envelopes have allowed free form play.  Some I like, and some are ok.  For now, only family have these.  I have been drawing on a variety of substrates, from wood, to eggs.  Of course there has been paper as well. 

This is an example of envelope art.  There is a similarity of design in the flow here, which creeps into trees, and other abstract pieces.  It has even gotten into the art quilting I do.  It will be around in different forms for quite awhile.  It is definately user friendly.

 Mia is a very special friend's name.  Although it was made at the end of the last year, I thought I would include it now.  She received it in 2012.  This is an example of the zentangle doodling I have been playing with.  I have done many initials to give to friends, and people who's services I highly appreciate.

If you leave the scissors around, they just might end up fodder for drawing.  This is a graphite on paper.  It was an exercise in drawing, and not intended for any particular purpose.  It is a good idea to draw frequently.  What is at hand serves as subject matter.

This tree was a curved line at first.  I had intended on using it as an exercise in shading.  It headed off on its own path, and became a tree of a very unique shape.  I like its off kilter aspect.  As you can tell, it is part of a journal entry. 

Then there are fiddling around pieces.  This is an exercise in doodling, somewhere between zentangles, and practice in shading.  It is also a practice piece in juxtapositioning color.  Scale and line begin to augment texture.  As of yet, it has not grown into anything further.  These are very relaxing pieces to do, and quite pleasant to look at, at least to me.  The muscles around my eyes relax, and that is a very good thing.

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  1. Hi Robbin, love your drawings - those fish are beautiful. Were the sea animals dugongs?
    What type of pen have you used?