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December 9, 2011

I haven't figured out how to post to individual pages, so I am reverting to edit options toa add another post.  This will continue, until I have it figure out.  With the holidays coming, and wanting to make personal gifts, handmade, this is a gift for an "adopted" grandaughter.  I am working on her mom's as well.  I have already done some other family members and friends as well.  I hope it brings smiles.

The technique is called Zentangles.  In years gone by, we called it doodling.  Once upon a time, phones were attached to the wall by cords.  You sat near enough to talk, and often pad and pen/pencil were there for those important notes.  My notes consisted more of doodles than anything else.  The evolution to Zentangles is a confinement in a shape.  I saw one done in the shape of a hand, by Diana Bracy.  It was beautiful.  Another was in the shape of a flamingo, one let up.  Doodles have merged with the fine arts, as has fiber through art quilts.  Here is my current doodle.

I am toying with illuminated letters, one at a time, initial style, in paint.  This is gel pen on archival black paper, approximately 140#.

December 4th, I think

I have been busy with so many things this year, and am finally applying myself to painting and drawing with intensity.  The best results will begin to be shown here.  More will be added from time to time.  Your taking the time to review and comment are much appreciated.  I enjoy all comments, looking to learn from those critiques anyone wishes to throw out there.  Personally, critiques are a pure joy to me.  It starts a discussion sometimes, and helps educate other artists.  We don't have to agree, but we should consider the merit in observations.  Who knows.  Maybe more than I will improve.  There is always room for that.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. 

If something strikes your fancy, and you would like to purchase, leave your comment.  Most prices are incredibly fair.  Some include framing, and some do not.  Only funds clearing the bank will result in shipment.  I'm sorry to delay the honest folks out there.  Until the scammers and dishonest people stop their antics, I have to protect the precious resouces I have.  My grandaughter needs an inheritance someday.

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